Wk 1 – Artist Interview – Kang Seung Lee

The artistic work of Kang Seung Lee displayed in the CSULB art galleries was at first incredibly attractive to me at a glance because it is needlepoint. As a person who knits and crochets, and dreams one day being able learn the art of needlepoint in order to craft the witty and cute ideas I have in to reality, Lee’s work not only spoke, but screamed, to me. While the needlepoint itself as a medium for art drew me to Lee’s work, the content of the work and its statement is what kept me interested.

According to Lee as found on the GLAMFA 2014 website, his “Untitled Needlepoint Project” has the purpose of bringing “one of the most domestic, underrated, under-appreciated and feminine media (needlepoint) to document Queer Art History as well as Homo Erotic Art including gay porn industry.” I find the purpose of this project to be quite genius and the statement that it makes incredibly relevant in today’s technology driven world. When I look at Lee’s work, I think of images that are stored on computers and the damaging effect that cropping and reusing those images has had on their quality compared to the original. As an artist myself, I thought about how I can impact my audience with content that both complements and contrast the medium that I am using to present my art. What can I do to be as bold as Kang Seung Lee?



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