WK 5 – Class Activity – Counterfactual Identity

IMG_3354I didn’t care for this activity. I honestly don’t give a shit what people think my name is, or what my major is. If I don’t give a shit about something, then I don’t believe that I should pIMG_1913articipate in it. Why should I worry myself about how the clothes I choose to wear and feel most comfortable in affect those around me and their judgements of me? If I want to change my style up one day, then I do it; but not for the reaction of others, but because it feels right for me. I do not confine myself to one persona. I am who I am.

This activity focuses on expanding beyond the limits of your personality and identity, but the thing is that I don’t limit myself in the first place. I believe in openness and adaptability. There is no box that I put myself in to so how am I supposed to think outside of it?


WK 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

IMG_3338 Mike Lewis has some really interesting work that reminded me a lot of the time in my life that I used to spend my Friday nights feeding homeless people. Every friday afternoon, my bible study group and I would prepare food and some clothing to give the the homeless population of Hawaiian Gardens.  IMG_3335We would gather donations or go shopping for food and make the best of it. It was really interesting getting to know so many different people and hearing about where they came from and how they go to where they are now. They truly had a lot of words and love to share with us and just a little bit of listening always went a long way. They were always very appreciative and we were always glad to help.

Mike’s write-up on his work talks about a meeting place between the miles of hillside and a “grouping of industrial buildings” in his hometown.” He says that in this place, nothing is permanent. There is neglect, fading of objects and people, and brokenness. There are conversations. The same things take place in Hawaiian Gardens. In the public. At the gas station on the corner and behind the doughnut shop. There are conversations, there is destruction, and there is life trying to survive just one more day.

WK 4 – Class Activity – Plaster Casting

I was totally stoked to be participating in this activity but unfortunately things did not pan out the way my idealist brain had imagined they would. I had a busy week and then a busy weekend and so the only day that I was able to go to the beach was this afternoon, 12pm to be exact. I drove to the local Home Depot, reviewed the process for the activity, purchased $7 worth of plaster of paris and made my way to Huntington Beach. I rigged this plastic Arizona Sweet Tea bottle and a clothes hanger that I had in my car to make a cheap container and stirring device. The beach was lovely. Once I parked and payed the meter my hard-earned coin I made my way to the water, materials in hand.


The face of disappointment and loathing.


The mess I created

That’s when everything went to shit. I found the perfect spot to make my mold, went down to get some water, mixed up the plaster, and ruined everything by moving and then accidentally spilling extra water over my goddamn fragile sand-mold. As I panicked to make a new mold, my plaster started to harden. I was freaking out! I knew it would end in ruin but I still tried. The molds I kept making kept collapsing. Time caught up with me and when I got the mold right, the plaster was too hard to pour. Failure. And since I had to be at work by 3:45, I knew that I just didn’t have time to go to the local hardware store/art supply warehouse and buy more plaster to try it again. But still, I am determined to go buy some more plaster, bring my little cousins, and try this intriguing project that I failed so hard at again. I’m sure the kids will love it as much as I do in theory.

WK 3 – Artist Interview – Jesse Lubben

IMG_3279IMG_3280Jesse Lubben discovers the world through his camera. A great influence for his work comes from anthropologist, natural science writer, and philosopher, Loren Eiseley, whom he came across while online.

I found Jesse’s work interesting because it isn’t just photography. According to his show’s description, Jesse creates his pieces by cutting, folding, and sculpting phogotraphic prints of the imagery that he has captured and then re-photographing them. He sometimes repeats the process. I have never seen photography like this before!

IMG_3282IMG_3286Jesse is a really cool guy. Definitely worth getting to know. We talked a little bit about tattoos and he showed me his amazing forearm piece that really captures his artistic spirit. I greatly admire his work and his inspiration. The way Jesse observes the world and creates something interesting and new from something that may have been overlooked has really resonated with me.  I hope to continue following his work throughout his artistic career.

WK 3 – Class Activity – Kickstarter

This is a great Kickstarter pitch video because it starts out with a respectable looking man who discusses the successful tv shows and online cartoon series that he has either backed, been a part of, or funded. It also has great graphics, examples of the show they want to create, a bio of the artist and creator of the future series, and an honest explanation of why Kickstarter is needed to make the project a reality.

Calling all crazy cat people!! Help me fund my hypothetical Cat rescue/foster program!

WK 1 – Classmate Interview – Destiny Zuniga


This week I had the pleasure of meeting my ART 110 classmate, Destiny Zuniga. Destiny is currently in her third year at CSULB, her major recently switching from Biology to Undeclared. While chatting, we discovered that we have some awesome similarities… We both started our college careers at CSULB, have switched our majors, enjoy nature, going to the beach, and the company of animals. It was exciting to discover that I had so much in common with a person I probably never would have met if it weren’t for taking ART 110 this semester.

As we were discussing the time we have spent at CSULB over the years, some responsibilities life came up. Destiny has been working at Little Caesars for a little over a year and a half as an assistant manager and has been training to be a co-manager, which is awesome! We talked about the woes of car payments, car accidents, siblings, and our dream dogs (hers being a Siberian Husky and mine a German Shepherd). I found out that Destiny has had an interest in art ever since she was in middle school. The charter school that she attended provided an engaging program through which she was able to cultivate an appreciation for the arts and ultimately an interest in taking ART 110 (not just to appease a requirement for the college, but to satiate her artistic side).

When Destiny isn’t working, in class, or studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, beaching it up, hiking, swimming, being random, going to art walks, visiting Little Tokyo, and listening to all kinds of music. As we discussed some of our favorite bands, it was apparent that even though we both frequently listen to multiple and various genres of music, there are many artists that we each have never heard of. Just like her tastes in music, Destiny is branching out in her educational career at CSULB and is taking various classes to determine which major to declare. She knows that a career in the health field is on the horizon and I wish her all the luck in her journey and all that comes after! It was great getting to know Destiny!

Wk 2 – Class Activity – Instagram

IMG_3261 IMG_3260

For week 2’s activity I posted four images to Instagram. My first image was of my cat Simon who woke me up that morning. My second image was a #tbt or “throw back thursday” post of when I started my job at Olive Garden and used to wear a white button down shirt and a tie. The uniform has since changed. The third image is of my little brother painting my portrait for his painting class at Cypress College. The forth image is a progress pic of that portrait. My brother has tried to paint my portrait before and has told me that my face is too complex and therefore too difficult to quickly paint so he gave up for his project. He decided to paint a self portrait instead. I usually only post one picture a week to Instagram, if that so this week’s activity was a little annoying to me because I felt that I was being obnoxious by posting things that I normally wouldn’t share with my Instagram followers. 

I only posted things that didn’t seem too annoying to me. I posted the pic of my cat because I love him and he woke me up that morning by cuddling with me. The throw back pic was something that I had wanted to post for a while. The pic of my brother was interesting because he’s never painted me for a project before. I posted the last picture of the unfinished portrait because my friend Maddie wanted to see it. I didn’t really do much that day but go to class and make blondies.

While I was looking through the #art110f14 Instagram photos I noticed a lot of selfies, pictures of CSULB, food, pets, sketches, and people. I found a lot of commonalities between my posts and the collective posts of the ART 110 students. From the little snaps of our lives I can see that we’re not too different. I often wonder what it would be like to see from another person’s point of view. Instagram has gained a new meaning for me because of this class activity. It has given me a new insight in to the lives of others and that despite the mundane posts of some Instagram users, it is an important app nonetheless. 

Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Bridget Batch

This week I visited the Thomas Ferreira Gallery and observed the work of Bridget Batch. The piece that I chose was “When We Are Robots Will We Still Gaze at the Stars.” I like this piece because lately, all I want to do is go IMG_3234camping and stare at the stars. I think about the hours of my day that I waste on my phone and laptop, the hours that I spend on the internet to eat up my time and try to find happiness. The truth is that I only find real happiness when I am without technology. That is why I think this piece is so amazing. It reminded me how dependent I am on my gadgets.

IMG_3233The piece itself is a tent made out of foil (?), sticks, and green string. There is a television inside that replays the image of a figure standing on a beach looking at the camera/observer as time lapses to night. Bridget explains on the GLAMFA webpage that when making art, she “flirt(s) with the edges of science and hope(s) that it responds”.

Mostly, when observing Bridget’s work, I thought about the social commentary the piece brings about. Why should we gaze at the stars when we can gaze at technology that can show us more than our naked eyes can see? Why should we experience nature and discomfort when we have comfort and luxury at our hands? Camping these days does not mean the same thing that it did a decade ago. Basically, we have forgotten to be human and are approaching robothood! We must remember what it is like to gaze at the stars. We must forget about technology once in a while and remember what it is like to be human.