Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Bridget Batch

This week I visited the Thomas Ferreira Gallery and observed the work of Bridget Batch. The piece that I chose was “When We Are Robots Will We Still Gaze at the Stars.” I like this piece because lately, all I want to do is go IMG_3234camping and stare at the stars. I think about the hours of my day that I waste on my phone and laptop, the hours that I spend on the internet to eat up my time and try to find happiness. The truth is that I only find real happiness when I am without technology. That is why I think this piece is so amazing. It reminded me how dependent I am on my gadgets.

IMG_3233The piece itself is a tent made out of foil (?), sticks, and green string. There is a television inside that replays the image of a figure standing on a beach looking at the camera/observer as time lapses to night. Bridget explains on the GLAMFA webpage that when making art, she “flirt(s) with the edges of science and hope(s) that it responds”.

Mostly, when observing Bridget’s work, I thought about the social commentary the piece brings about. Why should we gaze at the stars when we can gaze at technology that can show us more than our naked eyes can see? Why should we experience nature and discomfort when we have comfort and luxury at our hands? Camping these days does not mean the same thing that it did a decade ago. Basically, we have forgotten to be human and are approaching robothood! We must remember what it is like to gaze at the stars. We must forget about technology once in a while and remember what it is like to be human. 



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