Wk 2 – Class Activity – Instagram

IMG_3261 IMG_3260

For week 2’s activity I posted four images to Instagram. My first image was of my cat Simon who woke me up that morning. My second image was a #tbt or “throw back thursday” post of when I started my job at Olive Garden and used to wear a white button down shirt and a tie. The uniform has since changed. The third image is of my little brother painting my portrait for his painting class at Cypress College. The forth image is a progress pic of that portrait. My brother has tried to paint my portrait before and has told me that my face is too complex and therefore too difficult to quickly paint so he gave up for his project. He decided to paint a self portrait instead. I usually only post one picture a week to Instagram, if that so this week’s activity was a little annoying to me because I felt that I was being obnoxious by posting things that I normally wouldn’t share with my Instagram followers. 

I only posted things that didn’t seem too annoying to me. I posted the pic of my cat because I love him and he woke me up that morning by cuddling with me. The throw back pic was something that I had wanted to post for a while. The pic of my brother was interesting because he’s never painted me for a project before. I posted the last picture of the unfinished portrait because my friend Maddie wanted to see it. I didn’t really do much that day but go to class and make blondies.

While I was looking through the #art110f14 Instagram photos I noticed a lot of selfies, pictures of CSULB, food, pets, sketches, and people. I found a lot of commonalities between my posts and the collective posts of the ART 110 students. From the little snaps of our lives I can see that we’re not too different. I often wonder what it would be like to see from another person’s point of view. Instagram has gained a new meaning for me because of this class activity. It has given me a new insight in to the lives of others and that despite the mundane posts of some Instagram users, it is an important app nonetheless. 


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