WK 1 – Classmate Interview – Destiny Zuniga


This week I had the pleasure of meeting my ART 110 classmate, Destiny Zuniga. Destiny is currently in her third year at CSULB, her major recently switching from Biology to Undeclared. While chatting, we discovered that we have some awesome similarities… We both started our college careers at CSULB, have switched our majors, enjoy nature, going to the beach, and the company of animals. It was exciting to discover that I had so much in common with a person I probably never would have met if it weren’t for taking ART 110 this semester.

As we were discussing the time we have spent at CSULB over the years, some responsibilities life came up. Destiny has been working at Little Caesars for a little over a year and a half as an assistant manager and has been training to be a co-manager, which is awesome! We talked about the woes of car payments, car accidents, siblings, and our dream dogs (hers being a Siberian Husky and mine a German Shepherd). I found out that Destiny has had an interest in art ever since she was in middle school. The charter school that she attended provided an engaging program through which she was able to cultivate an appreciation for the arts and ultimately an interest in taking ART 110 (not just to appease a requirement for the college, but to satiate her artistic side).

When Destiny isn’t working, in class, or studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, beaching it up, hiking, swimming, being random, going to art walks, visiting Little Tokyo, and listening to all kinds of music. As we discussed some of our favorite bands, it was apparent that even though we both frequently listen to multiple and various genres of music, there are many artists that we each have never heard of. Just like her tastes in music, Destiny is branching out in her educational career at CSULB and is taking various classes to determine which major to declare. She knows that a career in the health field is on the horizon and I wish her all the luck in her journey and all that comes after! It was great getting to know Destiny!


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