WK 4 – Class Activity – Plaster Casting

I was totally stoked to be participating in this activity but unfortunately things did not pan out the way my idealist brain had imagined they would. I had a busy week and then a busy weekend and so the only day that I was able to go to the beach was this afternoon, 12pm to be exact. I drove to the local Home Depot, reviewed the process for the activity, purchased $7 worth of plaster of paris and made my way to Huntington Beach. I rigged this plastic Arizona Sweet Tea bottle and a clothes hanger that I had in my car to make a cheap container and stirring device. The beach was lovely. Once I parked and payed the meter my hard-earned coin I made my way to the water, materials in hand.


The face of disappointment and loathing.


The mess I created

That’s when everything went to shit. I found the perfect spot to make my mold, went down to get some water, mixed up the plaster, and ruined everything by moving and then accidentally spilling extra water over my goddamn fragile sand-mold. As I panicked to make a new mold, my plaster started to harden. I was freaking out! I knew it would end in ruin but I still tried. The molds I kept making kept collapsing. Time caught up with me and when I got the mold right, the plaster was too hard to pour. Failure. And since I had to be at work by 3:45, I knew that I just didn’t have time to go to the local hardware store/art supply warehouse and buy more plaster to try it again. But still, I am determined to go buy some more plaster, bring my little cousins, and try this intriguing project that I failed so hard at again. I’m sure the kids will love it as much as I do in theory.


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