WK 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

IMG_3338 Mike Lewis has some really interesting work that reminded me a lot of the time in my life that I used to spend my Friday nights feeding homeless people. Every friday afternoon, my bible study group and I would prepare food and some clothing to give the the homeless population of Hawaiian Gardens.  IMG_3335We would gather donations or go shopping for food and make the best of it. It was really interesting getting to know so many different people and hearing about where they came from and how they go to where they are now. They truly had a lot of words and love to share with us and just a little bit of listening always went a long way. They were always very appreciative and we were always glad to help.

Mike’s write-up on his work talks about a meeting place between the miles of hillside and a “grouping of industrial buildings” in his hometown.” He says that in this place, nothing is permanent. There is neglect, fading of objects and people, and brokenness. There are conversations. The same things take place in Hawaiian Gardens. In the public. At the gas station on the corner and behind the doughnut shop. There are conversations, there is destruction, and there is life trying to survive just one more day.


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