WK 5 – Class Activity – Counterfactual Identity

IMG_3354I didn’t care for this activity. I honestly don’t give a shit what people think my name is, or what my major is. If I don’t give a shit about something, then I don’t believe that I should pIMG_1913articipate in it. Why should I worry myself about how the clothes I choose to wear and feel most comfortable in affect those around me and their judgements of me? If I want to change my style up one day, then I do it; but not for the reaction of others, but because it feels right for me. I do not confine myself to one persona. I am who I am.

This activity focuses on expanding beyond the limits of your personality and identity, but the thing is that I don’t limit myself in the first place. I believe in openness and adaptability. There is no box that I put myself in to so how am I supposed to think outside of it?


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