WK 6 – Class Activity – Drawing

My first drawing was incredibly horrific. So horrific that I decided that it was appropriate to apologize in the drawing itself. I believe I am a more than decent artist. I can paint things that I am proud of and that’s all that matters to me. When it comes to drawing people on an app on a tiny screen, I find it nearly impossible to procure any sort of important detail. Plus, I am horrible at drawing people in general. I’m much prefer drawing animals.

The picture that I chose for my featured image is my favorite rendition of the first selfie that I took for the French Girls app. I was busting up laughing when I first saw it. The second image after my first drawing is pretty good too. I like the way the The third drawing listed is actually pretty good. While the detail on my lips is sort of off, I think the stranger’s use of color was interesting because it complemented the real colors of my face. It is difficult to choose colors that fit well with the individual that you are drawing. Not much freedom.

The last image that I have listed on this post is of the second drawing that I created for a stranger on the app. I chose that picture because it is totally something that I would do. Who doesn’t like to sport a good beard here and there? I messed up on the stranger’s eyebrows and expression but by the time I got the beard and hair to my liking and discovered that I effed that part up, I couldn’t go back and change it. Overall I think French Girls is a pretty interesting app and should be used on a larger screen for more detailed drawings. It definitely can be frustrating, but also hilarious.


First drawing of another person that I did on the French Girls app.


Second drawing of the first selfie that I took.


First drawing of the second selfie that I took.


Second drawing that I created.


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