WK 6 – Classmate Interview – Michelle Hall

This week I decided to not fuss with my very legitimate social anxiety and instead (very artistically) interview myself. I believe that it is important to take a look inside and re-discover for yourself what you’re all about. I thought, “why not try and do that for IMG_3377ART 110?”

I am a cat lady. I have no shame for how much I love cats, especially my boy Simon. I am also a hobbyist and enjoy knitting, crochet, painting, road biking, reading, camping, hiking, and chillin with my little cousins. I recently started volunteering at an animal shelter and I really want to get in to off roading, shooting, and mountain biking.

I am no stranger to tragedy. My older brother died on June 23, 2014, the day after his 23rd birthday, in a plane crash in Boulder City, NV. I don’t usually talk about it much but his death has become a part of who I am now. I feel in a way that I have become more like him and therefore a part of him is still alive in me.

Life has a lot to offer and I don’t plan on wasting mine trying to achieve a certain wealth or status. I just want to be happy, enjoy my friends and family, help those in need, travel, sit under the stars, and hug my cat.


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