WK 6 – Artist Interview –

IMG_3420This week I chose to write about Emily’s paintings because they are beautiful depictions of nature. She usually carries her paints with her while traveling. She said that she waits for some good lighting during her travels and then proceeds to paint the landscape that she is observing. Emily loves to travel not only because of the painting, but also because she likes to visit her relatives who are scattered around the globe.

IMG_3422I could see myself doing something like this. While all of my relatives are located in California, traveling is one of my main priorities in life. I think it IMG_3416.JPGwould be interesting to bring paint and canvas with me wherever I go and let nature inspire me as it has inspired Emily.In her statement, Emily talks about how a sense of where we may belong is ingrained in our psyche. I would hope to discover for myself that a part of me finds belonging within the paintings that I have done over the years and have yet to create.


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