WK 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

IMG_3503When I first walked in to the gallery containing Kenita Hale’s sculptures, I was amazed by the dark tent and walked around it to better observe it.I was a bit confused. Nobody was around and so I didn’t quite know where the entrance was. There was a bit of apprehension when I found the opening, which was obvious when I did find it, but I walked in and found some amazing work.IMG_3498

I really enjoyed the candles. They stood out to me the most at first. When I began to observe each individual piece, I felt like I was getting to know the performers of IMG_3497a circus. I liked that they each had their own card or item that pertained to their personality, such as the coors light bottle, or description card.

It made me think about spectacle and how strange it is that humans find pleasure and a bit of fright by observing the other. I wanted to get to know these people with their special attributes as people and not as entertainers. It made me think about how it might have been being them. I wondered if they were happy and content with the lives they lived being considered a freak. I admire this piece because it is celebrates these unique individuals. It shows that they really did matter and not just as performers, but as people with specific likes and dislikes.


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