Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Kiyomi Fukui

IMG_3627 IMG_3631 IMG_3633

I really enjoyed Kiyomi’s furniture piece this week. The look and feel of the piece resonated with my taste for old and antique wooden furniture, growth, nature, and the wonders of decomposition. I connected with her description of the piece and it’s explanation  because I once saved and nurtured a bird that my cat Tiger hunted down many years ago. I was about five years old when I noticed a couple of neighbors and their kids in my front yard were looking at my cat and standing around it. I saw that my cat had a bird in its mouth and wondered why my neighbors didn’t do anything. I quickly took actions in to my own hands, grabbed the cat by its neck (aka scruffing), and gently pulled the bird out of the cat’s mouth. I put the bird in a shoebox and took time to carefully cut ventelation holes in it. I asked my mom and she can’t remember if the bird survived or not. She does know that we tried out best.

Kiyomi’s daily ritual of paying respect to what has died with her scrap material is very interesting and respectable itself. Her work and ritual resonated with me because it is a bit morbid. People often try to not think about death, but when it has engulfed your life and when you have experienced the loss of some very important people and animals in your life it is important to find a way to embrace it. A way to make it your own and a way to not fear it so much as accept that it shall come for us all.


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