WK 9 – Classmate Interview – Panos Getekian

Panos is a pretty interesting guy. He is a sophomore film major at CSULB and is from LA originally. His commute is pretty long but worth it. When it comes to his schooling and future career in film, Panos is focusing more on the directing and production management, as well as the business side of the film industry. He wants to work on smaller projects like commercials and wants to work for a big company that would guarantee business. He believes in taking big risks and working hard for something that he likes and can be his best at, which is very admirable.

Right now, Panos is working as a life guard at a public pool in LA. He has been there for three summers and is looking in to an open water lifeguarding job that could potentially pay $23/hr. At his current job, he makes about $16/hr and describes at as either working hard or hardly working. There is a lot of maintenance of the pools, taking care of cuts and injuries, yelling at kids if they run, and dealing with parents who can get crazy.

I’m wishing Panos all the luck in his present as a lifeguard and his future with film.


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