WK 10 – Classmate Interview – Cynthia Carrera

This week I got to talk with the awesome Cynthia Carrera! Cynthia is a really nice person and super pleasant to talk with. She is a freshman and film major who was born and still lives in Long Beach. As we were discussing our hobbies, I found out that Cynthia likes to read manga, paint, and wants to make her own dark room to develop her photography. She is also a very competitive person! Soccer, football, and basketball are among the sports that both Cynthia and I have been involved in over the years.

IMG_3289 One awesome thing about Cynthia is her sense of humor. Right off the bat I could tell that she has an awesome creative and fun-loving side. I found out that Cynthia broke her right arm during a skipping competition. She was winning and then landed on her elbow. Ouch! She also likes to eat a lot and is an animal lover which is awesome. Cynthia has three cats and one dog. She also had turtles and birds but had to give them away because her mom was allergic to them. You may think that’s a lot of animals but I have her beat with 4 dogs and 4 cats after merging households with my grandma.

It was really nice getting to know Cynthia! We have a lot of common and I wish her all the best during her educational career at CSULB and her future!


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