WK 13 – Artist Interview – Francisco Palomares


I like Francisco Palomares’ work because it reminds me of my little brother’s work. My little brother is currently taking art classes at Cypress community college and tends to create dark and haunting images just as this piece by Palomares.

The figure and his posture are quite haunting. I can imagine infinite scenarios about what he has gone through and what he is gazing at. He seems to have conquered the world or perhaps conquered his mind. This piece is titled “Innermost” so that helps my theory about his internal struggle and supposed victory.

Aesthetically, I find this piece very pleasing. I really enjoy the combination of graphite and acrylic. I can’t help but think of the movie Pleasantville. It’s almost like the figure is coming out of the page or coming out of a darker or underdeveloped time. Like he has expanded his mind or his reality and has accepted a new reality.


WK 13 – Classmate Interview – Amir Kiani

Amir is the type of person you find yourself genuinely glad that you’re in a conversation with. His wit and sense of humor settled well with me as we discussed our spirit animals, his a buff eagle, and mine a common feline. He finds inspiration in music and comedy. In the pure creation that he finds in composing on the piano and simply the idea of creation and creativity. This is how Amir expresses himself. He has been playing piano for approximately 16 years, and therefore started playing on the piano when he was 4 or 5. Incredible! I can’t say that I’ve been doing one thing for anywhere close to 16 years (aside from living on the same cul-de-sac).

Any who, as music and creativity are Amir’s main sources of inspiration, naturally musical genre came up during our conversation. Like most people these days, EDM rates high and Country can burn in hell according to Amir. Zedd is one of his favorite artists, mainly due to his style and the way he came up; a true inspiration for any young musician. This kid has a brain. He also greatly admires classical artists/composers such as Bach, Chopin, and Mozart. Get to know him if you get the chance!

WK 12 – Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte

IMG_4084 IMG_4085 IMG_4086

I throughly enjoyed Angie and Lacey’s work. Walking in to their gallery was refreshing due to its natural vibe. It reminded me of the morning walks that I like to take at the nature center and the moments that I have collected in memory from being there. I decided to focus a bit more on Angie’s work for this post, especially because I found her detailing to be exquisite.

Collectively their pieces reflect upon a desire to expand our minds beyond the fast pace that life tends to demand. With their work they ask us to take our time and slow down to appreciate ordinary objects as if they were on caliber with the unique and precious objects that society values. In my opinion, they accomplished this goal. I felt as if I was transported in to a more simpler time. I enjoyed the little quirks, especially the mini figurines placed upon some of the pieces. I am glad that I was able to take my time in their wonderfully crafted paradigm.

WK 12 – Class Activity – Teach One: Fiber Art

I have been knitting for about 5 years now. I am a self/youtube taught knitter.

For this week, I decided to teach you all how to cast on. Casting on is the first thing that you need to do when knitting. There are many ways to do it but it all starts with making a slip knot. I try to show this in my video as well as how to begin casting on 10 stitches. This was all very difficult to film! For this reason, I decided to embed a more professionally shot and helpful video of these knitting basics and fundamentals.


How I filmed this video. Had to figure out how to get the perspective right! Too difficult without a fancy camera!

WK 12 – Classmate Interview – Kamani

IMG_3259  This week I got to talk to Kamani, a junior and Child Development major at CSULB. As we were talking, we discussed our future and our majors because. As a Liberal Studies major I be working with children as well. We discussed how we hope to impact the lives of the children we will encounter in our professional careers and the things that lead us to choosing our majors. Kamani told me that she enjoys kids because they keep her motivated. She has had a lot of experience working with kids because she is a cheer coach. I asked her about her prospects of working as a preschool teacher and Kamani replied that teaching preschool would be an option but she is thinking about minoring in business and opening a daycare.

Kamani and I talked about our hobbies for a little while. She has been a cheer coach for about three years and has been in cheer herself from when she was six years old until she was 18. Kamani just started working at Jamba Juice three months ago and is enjoying her new job so far. We also talked about Disneyland. We both have annual passes. While I go to Disneyland about twice a week, Kamani hasn’t been since June. I guess that’s the difference between me, a 5th year senior who is taking 2 classes this semester to meet the unit requirement to graduate and has a part time job and a junior who spends more time in class and studying, being a cheer coach, and a job.

WK 11 – Class Activity – Student Choice: Fiber Art

IMG_3653Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies! There’s something about the repetition and attention that must be payed to the process that makes it both enjoyable and interesting. One little mistake can ruin your work if you can’t figure out how to go back and correct it. Plus being a 22 year old knitter allows me the ability to brag about my “granny skills” as I like to call them.

The green beanie that I have pictured to the right is the most recent object that I have knitted. Each beanie takes me approximately 2.5 hours if I were to cut out the many breaks I tend to take during the process. I found this out a couple months ago when I timed myself knitting a beanie and paused the timer during every break I took. I found the basis for the pattern online. I made it as the pattern specified and found that I did not like how it turned out. Luckily I was able to figure out how to change the pattern after trying some things out and cutting out parts that I didn’t care for.

When I knit, I like to create something useful. I usually stick to making beanies, blankets, and scarves. My favorite thing to make is beanies. I even have an Etsy shop called KineticKnitwork that I hope to have operational soon. Just need to build up my knitwork so I have some inventory.

WK 11 – Artist Interview – Wesley Hicks

IMG_3986 IMG_3990 IMG_3989

Wesley Hicks’ small scale ceramics pieces are inspiring to look at. They are beyond anything I have ever seen before in ceramic work. Wesley says that his “art is [him] reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror.” As I was observing his work I began to think about this statement with each piece in mind. What exactly is that hazy mirror telling us? Perhaps Hicks is a bit broken, definitely unique. His creations are futuristic in my opinion. They blend geometry with movement. I feel like each piece has a back story; especially the blue and red piece I have pictured on the top left and the fur/geometric shapes piece I have pictured on the bottom left.

I enjoy Hicks’ work. I find his thought process behind his work interesting, especially his belief that “art should be ideologically linked to an idea or concept, demand to be displayed correctly through the use of space, voice its primary function as an object of contemplation, and should have value both economically and spiritually to the people who appreciate them.”

WK 10 – Artist Interviews – Maggie Freed





Freed’s work depicts the darkness and confusion of life. That being, I connected with the “anxiety, chaos, and emotional deluge” that it portrays. What I appreciate most about her pieces are the colors and shapes. They kind of sum up my life right now. It’s hard to explain. They’re dark, linear, and claustrophobic, relating to how I feel about the darkness of some days and the light that shines on others, the tendency of my anxiety to make the world feel so big but so small, and the feeling that I get when every day seems to blend in to the next. I feel like they bring about a bit of hope though. That there is some cathartic process that Freed found and that I could apply to my own claustrophobic life to make it better.

WK 10 – Class Activity – Landscapes


When I first read about this week’s activity, I immediately began to think about the many interesting ways I could see myself dying. When I was younger, maybe about 10 years old, I would think about my ideal death. I would pass peacefully in my sleep. Quick and painless. Perhaps during a nice dream. Now that I am an adult (some of the time) I have been through more than I ever thought I would. I’ve lived through the deaths of two great grandparents, three grandpas, one close uncle, and my older brother. Age, health, freak accident. How will my life end? Perhaps it could be from self destruction. That’s what I wanted this picture to be about. Sometimes depression can consume you, just like alcohol does. It changes you; you’re ability to function properly. It hinders your ability think clearly and be productive. Alcoholism and depression have some similarities. They are both dark and destructive. Alcoholism is a form of self medication that brings you down. When you have depression, to get better you often need medication to get better. Or at least some sort of method for controlling or perhaps surviving it.

Anyways, I titled this photograph “Life of the Party.” I rate it irony/10.