WK 10 – Class Activity – Landscapes


When I first read about this week’s activity, I immediately began to think about the many interesting ways I could see myself dying. When I was younger, maybe about 10 years old, I would think about my ideal death. I would pass peacefully in my sleep. Quick and painless. Perhaps during a nice dream. Now that I am an adult (some of the time) I have been through more than I ever thought I would. I’ve lived through the deaths of two great grandparents, three grandpas, one close uncle, and my older brother. Age, health, freak accident. How will my life end? Perhaps it could be from self destruction. That’s what I wanted this picture to be about. Sometimes depression can consume you, just like alcohol does. It changes you; you’re ability to function properly. It hinders your ability think clearly and be productive. Alcoholism and depression have some similarities. They are both dark and destructive. Alcoholism is a form of self medication that brings you down. When you have depression, to get better you often need medication to get better. Or at least some sort of method for controlling or perhaps surviving it.

Anyways, I titled this photograph “Life of the Party.” I rate it irony/10.


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