WK 11 – Artist Interview – Wesley Hicks

IMG_3986 IMG_3990 IMG_3989

Wesley Hicks’ small scale ceramics pieces are inspiring to look at. They are beyond anything I have ever seen before in ceramic work. Wesley says that his “art is [him] reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror.” As I was observing his work I began to think about this statement with each piece in mind. What exactly is that hazy mirror telling us? Perhaps Hicks is a bit broken, definitely unique. His creations are futuristic in my opinion. They blend geometry with movement. I feel like each piece has a back story; especially the blue and red piece I have pictured on the top left and the fur/geometric shapes piece I have pictured on the bottom left.

I enjoy Hicks’ work. I find his thought process behind his work interesting, especially his belief that “art should be ideologically linked to an idea or concept, demand to be displayed correctly through the use of space, voice its primary function as an object of contemplation, and should have value both economically and spiritually to the people who appreciate them.”


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