WK 12 – Classmate Interview – Kamani

IMG_3259  This week I got to talk to Kamani, a junior and Child Development major at CSULB. As we were talking, we discussed our future and our majors because. As a Liberal Studies major I be working with children as well. We discussed how we hope to impact the lives of the children we will encounter in our professional careers and the things that lead us to choosing our majors. Kamani told me that she enjoys kids because they keep her motivated. She has had a lot of experience working with kids because she is a cheer coach. I asked her about her prospects of working as a preschool teacher and Kamani replied that teaching preschool would be an option but she is thinking about minoring in business and opening a daycare.

Kamani and I talked about our hobbies for a little while. She has been a cheer coach for about three years and has been in cheer herself from when she was six years old until she was 18. Kamani just started working at Jamba Juice three months ago and is enjoying her new job so far. We also talked about Disneyland. We both have annual passes. While I go to Disneyland about twice a week, Kamani hasn’t been since June. I guess that’s the difference between me, a 5th year senior who is taking 2 classes this semester to meet the unit requirement to graduate and has a part time job and a junior who spends more time in class and studying, being a cheer coach, and a job.


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