WK 12 – Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte

IMG_4084 IMG_4085 IMG_4086

I throughly enjoyed Angie and Lacey’s work. Walking in to their gallery was refreshing due to its natural vibe. It reminded me of the morning walks that I like to take at the nature center and the moments that I have collected in memory from being there. I decided to focus a bit more on Angie’s work for this post, especially because I found her detailing to be exquisite.

Collectively their pieces reflect upon a desire to expand our minds beyond the fast pace that life tends to demand. With their work they ask us to take our time and slow down to appreciate ordinary objects as if they were on caliber with the unique and precious objects that society values. In my opinion, they accomplished this goal. I felt as if I was transported in to a more simpler time. I enjoyed the little quirks, especially the mini figurines placed upon some of the pieces. I am glad that I was able to take my time in their wonderfully crafted paradigm.


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