WK 13 – Classmate Interview – Amir Kiani

Amir is the type of person you find yourself genuinely glad that you’re in a conversation with. His wit and sense of humor settled well with me as we discussed our spirit animals, his a buff eagle, and mine a common feline. He finds inspiration in music and comedy. In the pure creation that he finds in composing on the piano and simply the idea of creation and creativity. This is how Amir expresses himself. He has been playing piano for approximately 16 years, and therefore started playing on the piano when he was 4 or 5. Incredible! I can’t say that I’ve been doing one thing for anywhere close to 16 years (aside from living on the same cul-de-sac).

Any who, as music and creativity are Amir’s main sources of inspiration, naturally musical genre came up during our conversation. Like most people these days, EDM rates high and Country can burn in hell according to Amir. Zedd is one of his favorite artists, mainly due to his style and the way he came up; a true inspiration for any young musician. This kid has a brain. He also greatly admires classical artists/composers such as Bach, Chopin, and Mozart. Get to know him if you get the chance!


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