WK 13 – Artist Interview – Francisco Palomares


I like Francisco Palomares’ work because it reminds me of my little brother’s work. My little brother is currently taking art classes at Cypress community college and tends to create dark and haunting images just as this piece by Palomares.

The figure and his posture are quite haunting. I can imagine infinite scenarios about what he has gone through and what he is gazing at. He seems to have conquered the world or perhaps conquered his mind. This piece is titled “Innermost” so that helps my theory about his internal struggle and supposed victory.

Aesthetically, I find this piece very pleasing. I really enjoy the combination of graphite and acrylic. I can’t help but think of the movie Pleasantville. It’s almost like the figure is coming out of the page or coming out of a darker or underdeveloped time. Like he has expanded his mind or his reality and has accepted a new reality.


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