WK 15 – Classmate Interview – Andrew Aragon

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Aragon who is a Junior and psychology major. I asked him why psychology was the path for him and he told me that it was something he didn’t hate in high schoool. A very good reason in my opinion. He mentioned that he would have been more interested in a musical career but that it would have been difficult for many reasons. Andrew plays guitar and is learning to play piano. He is also trying to learn some more complex riffs and techniques for bass guitar. I told Andrew that I learned to play guitar and bass guitar for my old church’s worship band. Small world!

From there, we talked about religion. Andrew asked me if I was very religious to which I responded not so much. We discovered that we both Believe in spiritual things but not particularly Christian beliefs. Andrew explained that his dad and whole step family is very religious. Most of the time he spends with his family, especially his dad, is at church.

Even though we both agree that spirituality is more important than religion, we talked about worship services and how they can be adapted to other topics and aspects of life. Andrew mentioned that our conversation was interesting because he had never discussed religion with anyone from ART 110 thus far.

I asked Andrew what gallery exhibit he decided to write about this week’s he told me that he interviewed the guy with the glassworks. He found the way that he explained his work was interesting because it comments on how TVs open you to a world of different things but in a negative way because television has become a replacement for actually experiencing the things that we see on it.

To end our conversation, we talked a bit about travel. Andrew told me about a trip he took to San Francisco with his friends and his enjoyable week spent there. Andrew has also been to Peru to visit family. He has been to Machu Picchu and told me about its beauty and the difficulty of climbing the steps with a fear of highs. I told him about the three weeks I spent in Ireland and how great that experience was.

It was cool getting to know Andrew Aragon.


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