WK 12 – Class Activity – Teach One: Fiber Art

I have been knitting for about 5 years now. I am a self/youtube taught knitter.

For this week, I decided to teach you all how to cast on. Casting on is the first thing that you need to do when knitting. There are many ways to do it but it all starts with making a slip knot. I try to show this in my video as well as how to begin casting on 10 stitches. This was all very difficult to film! For this reason, I decided to embed a more professionally shot and helpful video of these knitting basics and fundamentals.


How I filmed this video. Had to figure out how to get the perspective right! Too difficult without a fancy camera!


WK 10 – Class Activity – Landscapes


When I first read about this week’s activity, I immediately began to think about the many interesting ways I could see myself dying. When I was younger, maybe about 10 years old, I would think about my ideal death. I would pass peacefully in my sleep. Quick and painless. Perhaps during a nice dream. Now that I am an adult (some of the time) I have been through more than I ever thought I would. I’ve lived through the deaths of two great grandparents, three grandpas, one close uncle, and my older brother. Age, health, freak accident. How will my life end? Perhaps it could be from self destruction. That’s what I wanted this picture to be about. Sometimes depression can consume you, just like alcohol does. It changes you; you’re ability to function properly. It hinders your ability think clearly and be productive. Alcoholism and depression have some similarities. They are both dark and destructive. Alcoholism is a form of self medication that brings you down. When you have depression, to get better you often need medication to get better. Or at least some sort of method for controlling or perhaps surviving it.

Anyways, I titled this photograph “Life of the Party.” I rate it irony/10.

Wk 8 – Class Activity – ePortfolio

This week I decided to create a sticky page for my WordPress blog in which I feature an Etsy shop that I created in February 2013. The shop is called KineticKnitwork. I never did anything with the shop and I figured that this assignment was the perfect opportunity to finally get the ball rolling. All I ever did was have one of my graphic designer friends create a banner. I never used it until now and I think it looks great! I also never took pictures for my Etsy shop. I intended for my photographer friend to take some pictures for me but that never happened. I finally took time out to take some pictures of the remaining hats that I have because I often just give them away as random gifts or for holidays/birthdays. All I need to do now is start knitting again and to live up to the purpose I had created for my knitwork back in 2013.

Here’s the link to the sticky page/ wk 8 class activity: https://myhalll.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/kineticknitwork/#more-225

Here’s the link to my unfinished shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KineticKnitwork

My shop had this description:

What is the purpose of having a talent or skill if what that skill is producing is not intended for the benefit others? Knitting started as a personal hobby, but once I discovered the joy of giving my knitwork to others, I realized just how impacting this hobby of mine could be. With KineticKnitwork, I aspire to bring hope and comfort to the homeless and needy in my community and those surrounding. A portion of the sales I hope to make will go toward buying the supplies and toward the time it takes to make beanies for the homeless and needy. With KineticKnitwork I hope to always stay active in my community and to always inspire others in to taking action and creating the same motion in their own communities.

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What’s a sundial in the shade?”
― Benjamin Franklin

WK 6 – Class Activity – Drawing

My first drawing was incredibly horrific. So horrific that I decided that it was appropriate to apologize in the drawing itself. I believe I am a more than decent artist. I can paint things that I am proud of and that’s all that matters to me. When it comes to drawing people on an app on a tiny screen, I find it nearly impossible to procure any sort of important detail. Plus, I am horrible at drawing people in general. I’m much prefer drawing animals.

The picture that I chose for my featured image is my favorite rendition of the first selfie that I took for the French Girls app. I was busting up laughing when I first saw it. The second image after my first drawing is pretty good too. I like the way the The third drawing listed is actually pretty good. While the detail on my lips is sort of off, I think the stranger’s use of color was interesting because it complemented the real colors of my face. It is difficult to choose colors that fit well with the individual that you are drawing. Not much freedom.

The last image that I have listed on this post is of the second drawing that I created for a stranger on the app. I chose that picture because it is totally something that I would do. Who doesn’t like to sport a good beard here and there? I messed up on the stranger’s eyebrows and expression but by the time I got the beard and hair to my liking and discovered that I effed that part up, I couldn’t go back and change it. Overall I think French Girls is a pretty interesting app and should be used on a larger screen for more detailed drawings. It definitely can be frustrating, but also hilarious.


First drawing of another person that I did on the French Girls app.


Second drawing of the first selfie that I took.


First drawing of the second selfie that I took.


Second drawing that I created.

WK 4 – Class Activity – Plaster Casting

I was totally stoked to be participating in this activity but unfortunately things did not pan out the way my idealist brain had imagined they would. I had a busy week and then a busy weekend and so the only day that I was able to go to the beach was this afternoon, 12pm to be exact. I drove to the local Home Depot, reviewed the process for the activity, purchased $7 worth of plaster of paris and made my way to Huntington Beach. I rigged this plastic Arizona Sweet Tea bottle and a clothes hanger that I had in my car to make a cheap container and stirring device. The beach was lovely. Once I parked and payed the meter my hard-earned coin I made my way to the water, materials in hand.


The face of disappointment and loathing.


The mess I created

That’s when everything went to shit. I found the perfect spot to make my mold, went down to get some water, mixed up the plaster, and ruined everything by moving and then accidentally spilling extra water over my goddamn fragile sand-mold. As I panicked to make a new mold, my plaster started to harden. I was freaking out! I knew it would end in ruin but I still tried. The molds I kept making kept collapsing. Time caught up with me and when I got the mold right, the plaster was too hard to pour. Failure. And since I had to be at work by 3:45, I knew that I just didn’t have time to go to the local hardware store/art supply warehouse and buy more plaster to try it again. But still, I am determined to go buy some more plaster, bring my little cousins, and try this intriguing project that I failed so hard at again. I’m sure the kids will love it as much as I do in theory.

Wk 2 – Class Activity – Instagram

IMG_3261 IMG_3260

For week 2’s activity I posted four images to Instagram. My first image was of my cat Simon who woke me up that morning. My second image was a #tbt or “throw back thursday” post of when I started my job at Olive Garden and used to wear a white button down shirt and a tie. The uniform has since changed. The third image is of my little brother painting my portrait for his painting class at Cypress College. The forth image is a progress pic of that portrait. My brother has tried to paint my portrait before and has told me that my face is too complex and therefore too difficult to quickly paint so he gave up for his project. He decided to paint a self portrait instead. I usually only post one picture a week to Instagram, if that so this week’s activity was a little annoying to me because I felt that I was being obnoxious by posting things that I normally wouldn’t share with my Instagram followers. 

I only posted things that didn’t seem too annoying to me. I posted the pic of my cat because I love him and he woke me up that morning by cuddling with me. The throw back pic was something that I had wanted to post for a while. The pic of my brother was interesting because he’s never painted me for a project before. I posted the last picture of the unfinished portrait because my friend Maddie wanted to see it. I didn’t really do much that day but go to class and make blondies.

While I was looking through the #art110f14 Instagram photos I noticed a lot of selfies, pictures of CSULB, food, pets, sketches, and people. I found a lot of commonalities between my posts and the collective posts of the ART 110 students. From the little snaps of our lives I can see that we’re not too different. I often wonder what it would be like to see from another person’s point of view. Instagram has gained a new meaning for me because of this class activity. It has given me a new insight in to the lives of others and that despite the mundane posts of some Instagram users, it is an important app nonetheless.