WK 15 – Classmate Interview – Andrew Aragon

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Aragon who is a Junior and psychology major. I asked him why psychology was the path for him and he told me that it was something he didn’t hate in high schoool. A very good reason in my opinion. He mentioned that he would have been more interested in a musical career but that it would have been difficult for many reasons. Andrew plays guitar and is learning to play piano. He is also trying to learn some more complex riffs and techniques for bass guitar. I told Andrew that I learned to play guitar and bass guitar for my old church’s worship band. Small world!

From there, we talked about religion. Andrew asked me if I was very religious to which I responded not so much. We discovered that we both Believe in spiritual things but not particularly Christian beliefs. Andrew explained that his dad and whole step family is very religious. Most of the time he spends with his family, especially his dad, is at church.

Even though we both agree that spirituality is more important than religion, we talked about worship services and how they can be adapted to other topics and aspects of life. Andrew mentioned that our conversation was interesting because he had never discussed religion with anyone from ART 110 thus far.

I asked Andrew what gallery exhibit he decided to write about this week’s he told me that he interviewed the guy with the glassworks. He found the way that he explained his work was interesting because it comments on how TVs open you to a world of different things but in a negative way because television has become a replacement for actually experiencing the things that we see on it.

To end our conversation, we talked a bit about travel. Andrew told me about a trip he took to San Francisco with his friends and his enjoyable week spent there. Andrew has also been to Peru to visit family. He has been to Machu Picchu and told me about its beauty and the difficulty of climbing the steps with a fear of highs. I told him about the three weeks I spent in Ireland and how great that experience was.

It was cool getting to know Andrew Aragon.


WK 13 – Classmate Interview – Amir Kiani

Amir is the type of person you find yourself genuinely glad that you’re in a conversation with. His wit and sense of humor settled well with me as we discussed our spirit animals, his a buff eagle, and mine a common feline. He finds inspiration in music and comedy. In the pure creation that he finds in composing on the piano and simply the idea of creation and creativity. This is how Amir expresses himself. He has been playing piano for approximately 16 years, and therefore started playing on the piano when he was 4 or 5. Incredible! I can’t say that I’ve been doing one thing for anywhere close to 16 years (aside from living on the same cul-de-sac).

Any who, as music and creativity are Amir’s main sources of inspiration, naturally musical genre came up during our conversation. Like most people these days, EDM rates high and Country can burn in hell according to Amir. Zedd is one of his favorite artists, mainly due to his style and the way he came up; a true inspiration for any young musician. This kid has a brain. He also greatly admires classical artists/composers such as Bach, Chopin, and Mozart. Get to know him if you get the chance!

WK 12 – Classmate Interview – Kamani

IMG_3259  This week I got to talk to Kamani, a junior and Child Development major at CSULB. As we were talking, we discussed our future and our majors because. As a Liberal Studies major I be working with children as well. We discussed how we hope to impact the lives of the children we will encounter in our professional careers and the things that lead us to choosing our majors. Kamani told me that she enjoys kids because they keep her motivated. She has had a lot of experience working with kids because she is a cheer coach. I asked her about her prospects of working as a preschool teacher and Kamani replied that teaching preschool would be an option but she is thinking about minoring in business and opening a daycare.

Kamani and I talked about our hobbies for a little while. She has been a cheer coach for about three years and has been in cheer herself from when she was six years old until she was 18. Kamani just started working at Jamba Juice three months ago and is enjoying her new job so far. We also talked about Disneyland. We both have annual passes. While I go to Disneyland about twice a week, Kamani hasn’t been since June. I guess that’s the difference between me, a 5th year senior who is taking 2 classes this semester to meet the unit requirement to graduate and has a part time job and a junior who spends more time in class and studying, being a cheer coach, and a job.

WK 10 – Classmate Interview – Cynthia Carrera

This week I got to talk with the awesome Cynthia Carrera! Cynthia is a really nice person and super pleasant to talk with. She is a freshman and film major who was born and still lives in Long Beach. As we were discussing our hobbies, I found out that Cynthia likes to read manga, paint, and wants to make her own dark room to develop her photography. She is also a very competitive person! Soccer, football, and basketball are among the sports that both Cynthia and I have been involved in over the years.

IMG_3289 One awesome thing about Cynthia is her sense of humor. Right off the bat I could tell that she has an awesome creative and fun-loving side. I found out that Cynthia broke her right arm during a skipping competition. She was winning and then landed on her elbow. Ouch! She also likes to eat a lot and is an animal lover which is awesome. Cynthia has three cats and one dog. She also had turtles and birds but had to give them away because her mom was allergic to them. You may think that’s a lot of animals but I have her beat with 4 dogs and 4 cats after merging households with my grandma.

It was really nice getting to know Cynthia! We have a lot of common and I wish her all the best during her educational career at CSULB and her future!

WK 9 – Classmate Interview – Panos Getekian

Panos is a pretty interesting guy. He is a sophomore film major at CSULB and is from LA originally. His commute is pretty long but worth it. When it comes to his schooling and future career in film, Panos is focusing more on the directing and production management, as well as the business side of the film industry. He wants to work on smaller projects like commercials and wants to work for a big company that would guarantee business. He believes in taking big risks and working hard for something that he likes and can be his best at, which is very admirable.

Right now, Panos is working as a life guard at a public pool in LA. He has been there for three summers and is looking in to an open water lifeguarding job that could potentially pay $23/hr. At his current job, he makes about $16/hr and describes at as either working hard or hardly working. There is a lot of maintenance of the pools, taking care of cuts and injuries, yelling at kids if they run, and dealing with parents who can get crazy.

I’m wishing Panos all the luck in his present as a lifeguard and his future with film.

Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Chelien Nouchee Kue

IMG_3509 IMG_3512

Chelien is a freshman Nursing major. When I met her, I was observing the Introspection gallery. Chelien walked up to me and asked me what I thought about the work and she said she thought some of it was a little messy. I responded that maybe those pieces reflect the messy mind of the artist while she was creating the piece.

We talked a little bit about ART 110 and both agree that the format is not what we expected. She expressed a bit of disappointment because she was hoping it would be a bit more hands on. She told me that she likes to go up to people and ask them what they think about political and social situations, and what they think about the art that they are observing in the galleries. I found that interesting because it helps Cheilen gauge whether or not she will get along with someone right off the bat.

We also talked a bit about cellphone services and how sometimes you just need service that works while you’re at the beach even though the beach is not somewhere either of us frequent.

IMG_3510She said I looked tired and I explained that I am a senior and only taking this and one other class to graduate.

We talked about how she was named. Her dad was watching a Chinese movie and liked the main character and her name but didn’t know how to spell it. So he came up with Chelien. I told her it was better than having a very common name like Michelle, to which she responded that I look more like a Samantha. And by the way I was dressed, looked like I go by Sam. I told her I was dressed so sporty because after class I was going to the El Dorado nature center to walk two miles.

After I said good luck with the nursing major little freshman she laughed and said have a life.

WK 1 – Classmate Interview – Destiny Zuniga


This week I had the pleasure of meeting my ART 110 classmate, Destiny Zuniga. Destiny is currently in her third year at CSULB, her major recently switching from Biology to Undeclared. While chatting, we discovered that we have some awesome similarities… We both started our college careers at CSULB, have switched our majors, enjoy nature, going to the beach, and the company of animals. It was exciting to discover that I had so much in common with a person I probably never would have met if it weren’t for taking ART 110 this semester.

As we were discussing the time we have spent at CSULB over the years, some responsibilities life came up. Destiny has been working at Little Caesars for a little over a year and a half as an assistant manager and has been training to be a co-manager, which is awesome! We talked about the woes of car payments, car accidents, siblings, and our dream dogs (hers being a Siberian Husky and mine a German Shepherd). I found out that Destiny has had an interest in art ever since she was in middle school. The charter school that she attended provided an engaging program through which she was able to cultivate an appreciation for the arts and ultimately an interest in taking ART 110 (not just to appease a requirement for the college, but to satiate her artistic side).

When Destiny isn’t working, in class, or studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, beaching it up, hiking, swimming, being random, going to art walks, visiting Little Tokyo, and listening to all kinds of music. As we discussed some of our favorite bands, it was apparent that even though we both frequently listen to multiple and various genres of music, there are many artists that we each have never heard of. Just like her tastes in music, Destiny is branching out in her educational career at CSULB and is taking various classes to determine which major to declare. She knows that a career in the health field is on the horizon and I wish her all the luck in her journey and all that comes after! It was great getting to know Destiny!